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The Glenside website

Our purpose

The purpose of the Glenside website is to publish content to:
- inform people about Glenside
- market Glenside's character and lifestyle
- engage the community and
- promote neighbourliness.

What we do

For new Glenside residents the prime aim is to inform them about local services, about Glenside values, and to raise awareness of dealing with and supporting Glenside issues in a coordinated way through the community body, the Glenside Progressive Association.

For established Glenside residents the main aims are to engage interest in upcoming events, provide an outlet for current or recent news, provide updates on community projects and activities, and to provide a facility for sharing the unique lifestyle aspects of our community.

For site visitors from the Wellington Region, our key aims are to ensure they know where Glenside is, that what we have here is special, what our community values are, and what businesses operate in our midst.

For national and international site visitors we aim to promote our niche in New Zealand, including why and what we have that is special to us.

The Glenside website was first developed in 2007.

Get involved!

We welcome articles and images about Glenside and are happy to help you prepare the information. If you have experience with the Joomla Content Management System you are welcome to make contact for discussion about a possible website support role.


Rex Johnson, website administrator, publisher and author and Claire Bibby, author.
Email info @ glenside.org.nz