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The Debris Arrestor Site

Planting Project


Porirua Stream Debris Arrestor beside Middleton Road, Glenside.

This is what the stream looks like in normal conditions.


Stream in flood 2001

Here is the same scene in flood conditions, November 2001.

The Debris Arrestor catches flood material, preventing it from knocking out bridges downstream and washing into Porirua harbour.

The planting site required plant types that would hold in the streambanks and withstand wet soil.

At the same time, the plants on the steep roadside banks needed to survive dry rocky soil.


Debris Arrestor May 2009

Debris Arrestor: Planting site upstream May 2009
Streamside planting May 2009
Debris Arrestor: Planting site downstream 2009


Debris Arrestor: The same scene as above in 2006



Debris Arrestor: First season plants doing well May 2004, Glenside



Debris Arrestor educational sign.

The sign explains the purpose of the debris arrestor, the fish types found in the stream and the plant types.