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The Service of Blessing and Healing - Beside the Stream

The Approach

Led by the elders and kaumatua of Ngati Toa

Blessing of the Streams

Led by the elders and kaumatua of Ngati Toa


Ngati Toa used hawthorn for the blessing.

Hawthorn was first planted by early settlers in the 1840\\\'s.

Blessing of the Land

Priest: We sprinkle this land to wash away the effects of all evil, whether of people, or of spiritual powers. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The earth is God’s and all that is in it; God watches over it season by season. O God of earth and sky, you visit the land and bless it, you greatly enrich it, you water it abundantly and bless its growth with your goodness.


Those who would like to share some of their past memories are invited to speak.

Sue Day, Bill Day, Chairman Light Flight Trust, Simon Woolf, Woolf Photography


Ann Rae


God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of the past, and who goes before us, we remember those who have lived and died in this valley. We thank you for those who have gone before us, who prepared the land and cared for it. We commend those departed into your loving care, we pray for our neighbours who live alongside us.

May the love you bring, bring us in harmony with those of the past and present. We pray this prayer in the name of the Eternal God.



Reverend Derek Lightbourne, St John Anglican Church

  Kaumatua Te Puoho Katene, Ngati Toa

Scripture Reading: Psalm 121

I lift my eyes to the hills:

But where shall I look for help?

My help comes from the Lord:

Who has made heaven and earth.

The Lord will not let your foot stumble:

The one who guards you will not sleep.

The one who keeps watch over this people

Shall neither doze nor sleep.

The Lord is the one who will guard you:

The Lord at your right hand will be your defence

So that the sun shall not strike you by day

Nor yet the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil.

Yes it is the Lord who will keep you safe.

The Lord shall take care of your going out

And your coming in.

From this time forth and for ever.


O Lord my God




Mac Mcardle

Benediction in Maori and English

God bless us and keep us

God made his face to shine upon us

God be gracious to us and bless us

God lift up the light of his countenance

And look with favour upon us

This day and evermore


Madi McCardle