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 This page provides a central point for identifying acknowledged Glenside heritage sites and for accessing archaeological reports of Glenside sites.


Proposed Heritage Site

In 2022 the Glenside Progressive Association proposed that the Glenside milk-stand is listed as a heritage site on the District Plan. The Wellington City Council commissioned an evaluation of the milk stand and supports its listing.

Historic Heritage Evaluation (2023)
Glenside Milk Stand
Corner of Middleton and Glenside Roads, Wellington

 Evaluation of Glenside Milk Stand-2023 (PDF)


Heritage Sites


Wellington City Heritage lists four heritage sites (2018):

(DP = District Plan Reference)

DP 26/ 373 Braid Cottage, 1 Westchester Drive East, Glenside Wellington

DP 26/ 439 Halfway House, 246 Middleton Road, Glenside Wellington

DP 26/ 211 Nott House and milk stand adjacent to Middleton Road, Ivy Bank Farm, 400 Middleton Road, Glenside, Wellington

DP 26/ 360 Greer House, 420 Middleton Road, Glenside, Tawa Wellington


The New Zealand Archaeological Association lists six Glenside sites and two in adjcent suburbs.

R27/162 Goldmining Drives, Glenside

R27/237 Middleton's Stockade, Middleton Road, Glenside

R27/299 Diehls Whare, Stebbings Valley, Glenside

R27/303 Halfway House, 246 Middleton Rd, Glenside

R27/445 Harrison's cottage, 7 Willowbank Road, Takapu, Tawa

R27/491 Nott House, Ivy Bank Farm, 400 Middleton Rd, Glenside

R27/492 Greer House/Clarence Farm, 420 Middleton Road, Glenside

R27/528 Belmont viaduct, Seton Nossiter Park, Grenada Village


Heritage New Zealand has no listed Glenside sites (2018).


Archaeological Reports

These links are to archaeological reports referenced throughout the Glenside website. Those links still remain with their relevant supporting information, but are copied here to simplify access to an overall perspective of archaeological assements made in the Glenside area.

Westchester Drive West

Extension of Westchester Drive, Glenside, Wellington:
Archaeological assessment of proposed road extension

Report to Stephen Harte, Wellington City Council
By Mary O’Keeffe, Heritage Solutions, Wellington
April 2009
Comment: This report focussed on identifying the site of an 1841 burial and its position relative to a proposed new road allignment of Westchester Drive West.

 “Burred with oute the burial service”:
Archaeological monitoring of possible grave site on the Westchester Drive extension, Glenside, Wellington, under HP authority 2010/311 for Wellington City Council
By Kevin L. Jones Archaeologist Ltd
21 September 2011


Halfway House, 246 Middleton Rd, Glenside

Halfway House, Glenside, Wellington
Report to Wellington City Council
By Mary O’Keeffe, Heritage Solutions, Wellington
June 2009
Comment: This report focussed on locating any superficial archaeological remnants further to those discovered in the grounds of the Halfway House.

Landscape plan: archaeological investigations.
Halfway House, Glenside, Wellington

Report to Wellington City Council
By Mary O’Keeffe, Heritage Solutions, Wellington
May 2015
Comment: This report focused on ensuring minimal impact on any deeper archaeological remnants in the Halfway House grounds as the result of a proposed WCC Planting Plan for the grounds.


Stebbings Rd - Glenside Rd Corner

Interim Report: Investigation of Land Adjoining Glenside and Stebbings Roads, Churton Park
Report to Stebbings Farmlands Ltd, Attn: Rodney Callender
By Karen Greig, Principal Archaeologist, arczoo Ltd, Wellington
9 Jan 2006
Comment: This report provided a determination that the site contained remnants of a pre-1900 building and therefore required an authority from Historic Places Trust before undertaking any  work that would disturb the site.

Archaeology of R27/392, 1 Stebbings Road, Glenside,
under Heritage NZ authority 2014/119

for Stebbings Farmlands Ltd.
By Kevin L. Jones, Kevin L. Jones Archaeologist Ltd, Wellington
22 August 2018
Comment: This report provides a detailed examination of the archaeological remnants at 1 Stebbings Rd, a potential location for one of Glenside's 'Halfway House' sites.


400 Middleton Road

400 Middleton Road, Glenside; Archaeological Survey and Assessment
prepared for Donna Sherlock and Tim Growcott (PDF 16 MB)

By Andy Dodd, Archaeologist, Subsurface Limited,

Dated 14 November 2018.

400 Middleton Road is also known as Ivy Bank Farm, though access is now by Rowells Road. The assessed site contains the heritage listed Nott House R27/491 and other unlisted heritage structures.

This report is made available to the Glenside Progressive Association by Donna Sherlock for placing on the Glenside website. It is provided solely for individual research.  For any other use of the material, authorisation should be sought as described in the body of the report.


Cultural and Heritage Studies

Historic Heritage Study for the
Upper Stebbings and Marshall Ridge
Structure Plan

Report to Wellington City Council
By Elizabeth Cox, Bay Heritage Consultants
April 2018
Comment: The report is mainly about an adjacent area, but includes Glenside heritage.

Cultural Values Report
Upper Stebbings Valley and
Marshall Ridge Structure Planning

To: Wellington City Council in association with Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust and Wellington Tenths Trust
By: Raukura Consultants
May 2018
Comment: The report is focused on an adjacent area but includes Glenside and other nearby communities in its wider scope.