Glenside is proud of its village-like atmosphere and the quality of the personal relationships that develops between its residents. We can help our community stay a friendly and safe environment for our families to live, work and play in through well-informed participation and preparation.

Some of our residents are volunteers in the Northern Suburbs Community Patrol. 

Community Patrols

Community patrols are an arrangement where volunteers contribute a few hours a month to the activity. They work in an organised structure to patrol larger community areas during the quiet hours. These patrols act as eyes and ears for their community and have support and guidance from the New Zealand Police.


NZ Police patrols are limited in number, are responsible for large patrol areas and are normally focused on dealing with ongoing activities. The need is for public support to provide low key observance of community activities for any potentially disturbing situations. When alerted to such an incident Police patrols can be called in making effective and efficient use of their patrol time and minimising the opportunity for potentially criminal activities.

Who patrols?

Community Patrols are made up of ordinary people who volunteer to give something back to their community. Patrol rosters and training needs are arranged by an Area Coordinator. Patrol members are subject to the same rules and regulations as any private citizen and do not use or wear any Police identification or insignia.

When do patrols operate?

Patrols operate where most needed day or night and when volunteers are available. Typically a volunteer might work for 3 - 4 hours one night a month say from 9 PM to 1 AM.

How do patrols operate?

Patrols are rostered as team pairs and commonly use a private vehicle. Before commencing their patrol, the team is briefed by Police on current issues of interest and they choose what locations within their community patrol area they wish to operate in. Teams record any out of place or suspicious activities and submit a log of their patrol for Police to review. If an incident is observed, the team sits back and observes while calling in Police support.

More information

Information on Wellington North and national Community Patrols of New Zealand is available on the web at