header gardeners

November 2020

The mown path

Ray's splendid mowing along the orchard path. Visible flowers from the front back to the stump are wild mallow (lilac in colour) calendula (bright orange), honeywort (dull blue), snapdragon (crimson), Maidens Blush rose and wild elderberry. 

Titahi Bay Horticultural Society

Titahi Bay Horticultural Society enjoying a day out in the garden.

Anglican Church visitors

The Association of Anglican Women (& Son), visiting the garden in late spring. 

'God of grace, in the story of creation,
You made the earth a garden
And entrusted it to us to till and to keep,
A place of peace and beauty where we could walk with you.'

October 2020

Mk2 1962 Jaguat

1931  Model A

The Vintage Car Club members

In late October, the Horowhenua and Wellington Vintage Car Clubs visited the Halfway House. Top: 1962 Mk2 Jaguar with Danny Spark (owner), Trevor Barnes and Brian Christiansen. Middle: 1930 Model A. Above: The visitors.

August 2020

Hedge trimming demo under Covid-19

The Heritage Gardeners hosted a hedge trimming and secateur sharpening demontration at the historic Halfway House on 15th August 2020. Tod from Twigland Gardeners World led the hedge trimming session and Barbara from Porirua Cycle and Mowers showed people how to sharpen ther own secateurs. 

There were 27 people present.  We are all spread out, as at 12 noon, on Wednesday 12 August, COVID-19 Alert Level 2 came back into place for all regions except Auckland (which was on Level 3).

May 2020

Van Sion Daffidol

On the 14th and 15th May, to celebrate the return to gardening after 49 days absence due to Covid-19 rules, the Heritage Gardeners planted approximately 200 Van Sion daffodil bulbs on the lawn bank. Van Sion is an heirloom bulb found at early settler garden sites in Glenside.

April 2020

Codd bottle

Codd bottle. Photo: Paul Bicknell

The gardeners were very busy during lockdown! Here's what we did at home - 

Washed, sorted and labelled historical artifacts found when digging in the garden.
Distributed heritage vegetable seeds to grow at home.
Wrote plant labels for the big trees in the garden.
Researched 'original' plants in the garden for the website and updated the website.
Sorted and labelled heritage seeds for resale.

March 2020

The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic was declared on March 11th, 2020 (Northern Hemisphere time) by the Director General, World Health Organisation.

The Heritage Gardeners last met as a group for a planning meeting on the 11 March. The Johnsonville Friendship Club visited the garden on 12 March. The Heritage Gardeners held a further meeting on 18 March for those interested in developing a vegetable garden.

From 26 March -13 May the gardeners were not able to garden at the Halfway House.  

New Zealand significant dates:
Level 4 lockdown 26.03.20 to 27.04.20 - Stay home unless essential workers
Level 3 lockdown 28.03.20 to 13.05.20 - 
Level 2 lockdown 14.05.20 to 08.06.20 - 
On Tuesday 9th June 2020, NZST, NZ entered Level 1 - Resume normal activity

At that time of resuming normal activity, New Zealand had 0 active cases of Covid 19. A total 1504 people in NZ had the disease and 22 people died of it. Borders remain closed except for approved situations such as New Zealand citizens returning home and critical workers.

February 2020

Heather and Paul in the garden

Heritage gardeners, Paul and Heather enjoying the garden in February

Rebus Khandallah visit

Rebus Khandallah visited the garden in February.