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The following newspaper clippings came from Papers Past, the on-line repository for New Zealand newspapers managed by the National Library of New Zealand. One is a letter to the editor about the cannon at Johnsonville and the second appears to be an article researched in response to the letter. The research is incorrect in describing the two cannon as Carronades - they are both long guns.

The Evening Post, Volume CXIX, Issue 59, 11 March 1935, Page 8

"Old Guns"

To the Editor.

1935 newspaper article about cannoons


The Evening Post, Volume CXX, Issue 69, 18 September 1935, Page 9

"Two Old Guns"

"A Mysterious History"

"Johnsonville's Carronades"


1935 newspaper cannons


The next section in this article is about the decision of the Johnsonville Town Board to hand the two cannon over to private care - Claire Bibby, Glenside.